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​​​Be more productive with our SharePoint Web Forms Builder, SPARK Forms provides end-users with the ability to build a very easy-to-support applications that caused headaches for the organization’s IT, SharePoint teams and business owners. With SPARK Forms, the designer can create the form in a matter of hours rather than days, if not weeks. You can quickly apply settings to multiple form's controls with a click, copy/paste/duplicate form’s elements, easily add a new SP column and use it immediately without needs to leave the form, design your forms once for web and mobile, quickly and easily copy form contents to another list’s in the same farm or other SharePoint farms with all its settings and layouts easily and much more.


Do not worry about how is complex the form design will be, SPARK Forms provides a solution to design high performance forms, which means whatever the form’s size and complexity would be, it will fully displayed to the users in less than 5 seconds for the very complex form.


SPARK Forms provides the users with all the tools that you need to integrate with Business Connectivity Service BCS, SQL, XML and Web Services to view and update data in a centralized form. Using these tools, users can easily select items from the data source, to which tool is connecting with, and reflects their data on form’s controls.


With SPARK Forms, you will be able to publish forms on "External Lists", this means that you can design External Lists appearance, add different controls to the form, create rules, add formats, write his/her own codes...etc.

out-of-the-box SPARK functions


With out-of-the-box SPARK functions, you can easily retrieve values from internal and external lists and represents (generates) them into a repeater at runtime. You can add row(s), delete row(s) to/from a repeater, you can show/hide "Add Item", you can show/hide Delete button, you can get number of rows in a repeater and much more. You can create a master-details form by mapping the repeater’s controls to the related list.


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